3 Games Bears Must Win At All Costs on 2024 Schedule

If the Chicago Bears want to make the postseason in 2024, they can't afford to lose these three games.
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2- Week 11 vs. Packers - Sunday, Nov. 17

The best way for the Bears to prove they are for real would be to beat the Packers in 2024. The last time Chicago won against Green Bay was in 2018 as they dropped the last ten matchups. The Bears are 1-15 in the last eight years against the Packers.

This Week 11 matchup at home against Green Bay is the first division game of the season for Chicago. A win will build confidence and momentum for the team, heading into the final stretch of the season.

This game comes on the heels of a three-game stretch against Washington, Arizona, and New England following the bye week on Week 7. There is a decent chance the Bears will go 3-0 in these matchups, giving them a morale boost for the Packers showdown.

For the Bears to make the playoffs, they will presumably have to take over one of Detroit or Green Bay. Therefore, home games against them will be of utmost importance. There isn't a better time to end the losing streak against the Packers than this season.