3 Future Starters the Bears Could Draft on Day 3

The 2024 draft is very deep at some positions of need for the Bears. They can potentially find starters on day 3.
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The Chicago Bears have the fewest picks in the league in the upcoming draft with only four. However, those four picks are ranked third in overall value. A pair of top-10 selections definitely help the value, but they also hold the 75th and 122nd overall picks. While it would definitely be more ideal to have more picks, the Bears are in a good spot to add multiple starters to the roster.

Caleb Williams has all but written to the Bears in pen at this point. The real discussions begin with the 9th overall selection. The Bears can go in multiple different directions including offensive tackle, edge, wide receiver or trade back. We can debate that decision until we are blue in the face, but this post is looking for guys who can potentially become starters after being drafted in the fourth round or later. Currently, the Bears only hold one selection in that window, 122nd overall.

As mentioned earlier, if the Bears are not in love with someone at nine, they can look to trade back and acquire additional picks later in the draft. Let's take a look at three possible names to keep an eye on in the later rounds who can become starters for the Bears.

1. Anthony Gould, WR - Oregon State

If the Bears decide to go with an offensive or defensive lineman with their earlier picks, Gould is someone who can be worth a late-round look. Gould was tied for 6th among receivers in the 40-yard dash at the combine where he posted a blistering 4.39. Tyler Scott, arguably the fastest receiver the Bears have currently, ran a 4.44 for comparison. Velus Jones ran a 4.31, but are we still even considering him a receiver? Gould also provides return experience so he can at the very least provide what Jones is currently with much more upside.

The Bears have two excellent route-running receivers in Keenan Allen and D.J. Moore, but the offense still lacks a true deep threat to stretch the field. The hope is that Tyler Scott takes another step in development next season, but his rookie season did not leave anyone holding their breath. Gould has gotten better every year in college and saw his best year last season where he had 44 receptions for 718 yards and two touchdowns. One of those touchdowns had his elite speed on full display.