3 Free Agent Targets to Prepare the Bears for Caleb Williams' Arrival

Which free agents do the Bears need to be adding in preparation for Caleb Williams?
Chicago Bears, Caleb Williams
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3. Hunter Renfrow, WR

Alright, let's complete the trio of available wide receivers the Chicago Bears could consider in free agency before the 2024 NFL Draft and potential arrival of Caleb Williams.

The Las Vegas Raiders recently released former Pro Bowl receiver Hunter Renfrow, a top-flight option coming out of the slot. Renfrow earned a big-money contract with the Raiders before the arrival of Josh McDaniels as the team's head coach, but shockingly the marriage between McDaniels and Renfrow turned out to be a disaster.

McDaniels, who has historically gotten the most out of his slot receivers, alienated Renfrow and he became an afterthought, catching just 61 passes over the last two seasons. Even with Davante Adams in Las Vegas, the target share for Renfrow was egregiously low given what he's capable of doing from the slot.

The Bears could take advantage of his skill set. They need someone like him with Caleb Williams coming aboard who can get open in the blink of an eye. Teams are going to want to send pressure at Williams often, and having an outlet like Renfrow who can win his matchup shortly after the ball is snapped wouldn't exactly be a luxury.

It might be more of a necessity.

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