3 Former Bears Who Will Fail Miserably With Their New Teams After Free Agency

Which former Chicago Bears are going to fail miserably on their new teams in 2024?
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3. Justin Fields, QB (Steelers)

The Chicago Bears shipped former first-round pick Justin Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers for the price of a conditional 6th-round pick. It's crazy to think about when you consider that just a couple of months ago, it felt realistic that the Bears could possibly get a 1st-3rd-round pick. Obviously, those hopes were not realistic.

Fields is getting a fresh start in Pittsburgh, which is great for him, and honestly he's going to a situation that seems to be amazing. Arthur Smith has done well with quarterbacks like Fields who excel as runners, and Mike Tomlin has been virtually bulletproof as a head coach. He's never had a losing season as a head coach.

Fields is going to have to battle it out with veteran Russell Wilson, however, and Wilson's veteran experience might give him an edge in the starting QB battle.

If there even is one to begin with.

The absolute worst thing that could happen to Fields is that he gets sent to a perfect situation like Pittsburgh, loses the starting job to Russell Wilson -- who is not exactly looked upon favorably these days -- and doesn't play at all in 2024. The Steelers perhaps had to make an adjustment on the fly here based on Kenny Pickett's response to the Russell Wilson move, but Fields is now in a great situation which ironically could destroy his value.

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