3 Former Bears Who Will Fail Miserably With Their New Teams After Free Agency

Which former Chicago Bears are going to fail miserably on their new teams in 2024?
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2. Darnell Mooney, WR (Atlanta Falcons)

Even with the increase in the salary cap causing inflation at just about every position across the NFL, it seems as though the price the Atlanta Falcons paid for Darnell Mooney was a bit over the top.

The Falcons gave the former Chicago Bears receiver a three-year deal worth $39 million and $26 million in total guarantees. It's good to be a wide receiver these days, isn't it?

Mooney does have a 1,000-yard season to his name. And with the Atlanta Falcons, he's not going to be expected to be the focal point of the offense like he was at times with the Chicago Bears. There were a lot of unfair expectations heaped upon Mooney in his time with the Bears and although he's not going to be WR1 in Atlanta, perhaps not even WR2 or even top three on the team in targets, the money he received certainly puts heavy expectations on him.

Mooney is going to have to take advantage of every opportunity he gets. He might only get 75-80 targets in a season, and he's going to have to maximize those targets. His catch percentage dipped to a career-low 50.8 percent last year in Chicago.

Is that all his fault? It's not, but the Falcons are going to have to flawlessly execute their vision with Mooney to ensure this isn't looked at as a total free agency flop.