3 Conditions That Must Be Met for Matt Eberflus To Return as Chicago Bears Head Coach

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2. Greg Roman Must Be Brought in as Offensive Coordinator

Someone must take the fall for the franchise falling short of the playoffs. If it is not going to be Eberflus, then it must be offensive coordinator Luke Getsy.

Getsy's too-cute play calls on third and fourth down along with his belief that every quarterback must play like Aaron Rodgers has to be removed from this franchise.

That would mean Fields having a third offensive coordinator in four seasons. Bringing in Greg Roman is the one way to mitigate a potential performance backslide by Fields. Roman put together the offense that allowed Lamar Jackson to become an MVP. Lamar and Justin share similar tremendous athletic abilities. He understands a playbook needs to be designed to fit the amazing athletics gifts of a quarterback such as Fields.

3. Eberflus Must Remain the Defensive Play Caller (just give him someone to help him with the in-game management)

The defense was awful when former defensive coordinator Alan Williams was calling plays. After his sudden resignation, Eberflus took over and the defense started to improve. It took off after the acquisition of Montez Sweat.

Say all the bad things that you want about head coach Matt Eberflus, but you cannot say many terrible things about defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus. The guy can call a good defensive game.

That means he needs to stay in charge of defensive play calling going forward. Yes, it would be ideal that he returns to being the CEO head coach and focuses on in-game management only. This defense is trending towards being dominant and the mojo should not be messed with. That is why the team should bring in an assistant head coach to help Eberflus with the in-game details like clock management and challenges.

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