3 Best Remaining Free Agents the Bears Can Still Sign After the Draft

What free agents could we see the Chicago Bears go after with the 2024 NFL Draft in the books?
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3. Dalton Risner, OL

You can never have too much offensive line depth in the NFL, especially when you're talking about protecting a rookie quarterback. The Chicago Bears should be entering this offseason program being hyper-critical of the offensive line and whether or not the depth they feature right now is capable of adequately keeping Caleb Williams upright.

We saw enough of Williams sprinting around last year at USC. The Bears need to make sure his transition to the NFL involves a lot less "creating" and a lot more operating out of comfortability.

Not that one signing can accomplish that, but adding a veteran like Dalton Risner would help the Bears greatly at this point. Risner has been strictly a left guard in the NFL but he has positional flexibility dating back to his time at Kansas State. And last season, Risner played exceptionally well for the Minnesota Vikings.

Frankly, it's a bit shocking he hasn't been signed up to this point. The former second-round pick out of Kansas State didn't allow a sack in his time with the Vikings last year, and could be an option at any of the interior spots for the Bears.

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