The Chicago Bulls need to make this move right away

Chicago Bulls HC Billy Donovan has regressed during his Bulls tenure. (John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bulls HC Billy Donovan has regressed during his Bulls tenure. (John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY Sports) /

The Chicago Bulls have been a failure in the early portion of this season. The idea of giving this core one more year together and hoping it would turn out fruitful was a mistake, and the clock is ticking on the value that the team does have left. Still, before anything can be done about the roster, the Chicago Bulls need to start with one move:

Billy Donovan was a good hire for where the Bulls were when he took over. He has an excellent history of winning basketball both as a college and NBA coach, but he has never been able to get an NBA team to the promised land. The Thunder went downhill after he took over and then the Chicago Bulls failed to capitalize on all the star talent that was brought in. Several factors played into this team’s failure, but at the forefront of it is Donovan and his inability to get this team to play a more fitting brand of basketball.

The Bulls offense has been near the bottom of the league since the second half of the 2021-2022 season. They cannot shoot the ball well enough to compete in games and their star players are one-dimensional. While DeMar DeRozan and Zach Lavine are electric players, they have had little impact on the Chicago Bulls being a winning team. A lot of that goes to how Donovan has used them and how he coaches them.

The Chicago Bulls need to fire head coach Billy Donovan immediately.

There is no discipline and sense of accountability from the top players in terms of them playing with 100% effort all of the time. The Bulls bench players have to bail them out because the starters have failed. This happened last year, and Donovan benched Patrick Williams, and then the same move had to be made less than ten games into this year. While Williams has not been what they need him to be, the other starters are also not doing their jobs. Lavine, DeRozan, and Coby White are all shooting terribly from the field and the new look “spray three-pointers for the sake of it” offense has been a failure. It is time for a change in how the offense is run.

At this point, the offense cannot get any worse under a new coach. This derailed train seems headed toward an inevitable blowup of the roster sometime this season. What if they made a switch at head coach? There have been many instances in multiple sports where a team gets revitalized under a new coach with a new view of how a team should operate.

That needs to be the first thing that happens with the Chicago Bulls and Billy Donovan because he cannot keep getting away with these failing game plans. If there could be any hope for saving this team, it would have to start with the Bulls saying bye to Billy.

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