3 draft mistakes to blame for Bears struggles in 2023

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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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2. Justin Fields

The Chicago Bears missed again when they drafted Justin Fields.

The Chicago Bears had a chance to make up for the Mitchell Trubisky mistake a few years later. They traded up to select Justin Fields out of Ohio State University. He had all the tools of a star quarterback in the NFL.

At this point in 2023, however, it would just be nice to see him be a mid-tier guy at the NFL level. He hasn’t even been close to that. Right now, it is hard to think of him as anything other than one of the worst starters in the NFL. He also gets hurt a lot which doesn’t help his case.

After this season is over, the Bears would be foolish to keep him around instead of trying again. There is no reason for him to be with them next season. He deserves a chance to go play somewhere else with less pressure but don’t expect that to work out either.

Everyone wanted him to be the guy so bad. It would have been awesome for him to be the franchise quarterback. He is a star off the field in Chicago sports but his production on the field has been incredibly subpar. Hopefully, their next highly touted quarterback actually works out.