Chicago Bears: 5 biggest takeaways from the Week 10 win vs. the Panthers

New Chicago Bears DE Montez Sweat annihilates tiny Panthers QB Bryce Young. (Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
New Chicago Bears DE Montez Sweat annihilates tiny Panthers QB Bryce Young. (Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
QB Tyson Bagent of the Chicago Bears mostly struggled against the Carolina Panthers. (Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears passing game was tough to watch on Thursday Night Football.

4.  Despite good play in the trenches, the Chicago Bears offense was limited.

Tyson Bagent has been a revelation. A player like him coming off the bench is a luxury; the Bears are lucky to have him.

However, every week as Bagent puts more of what he can do on tape, it seems teams are figuring him out. They’re playing the short game exclusively as we’ve been unable to push the ball down the field outside of one play against the Chargers.

After a stellar first half last week against the Saints, they adjusted and Bagent’s production dropped off. This week, he seemed to be unable to get anything going in the passing game as he had in previous weeks.

It wasn’t bad, but it was very much a younger Brian Hoyer game. He made just enough short throws to win thanks to a great defensive effort.

There’s a reason why D.J. Moore’s yards-per-game have been cut in half since Fields’ injury. The below tweet is perfectly said though, we should be lavishing Bagent with nothing but praise.

The only reason it hasn’t been this way was the unnecessary wave of sentiment that wanted Bagent to take the starting role permanently.

Kyler Gordon bluntly stated after the game on Thursday that he knows the team will get better when Justin Fields returns.

We should trust those in the locker room who practice against these players. The locker room will always want the guy who they feel gives them the best chance to win.

With improved offensive line play and a defense that is finally holding opponents under 25+ PPG, Fields will not have to solely carry the team.

Let’s hope Luke Getsy calls the right game for Fields’ skill set because that is our biggest problem on offense. Bagent, too, plays better when Getsy does that for him, but he consistently gets away from it.

We need to be calling boots and waggles more often like Dave Wannstedt suggested. Good coaches recognize that winning comes before their own pride in their scheme.

Thank you Tyson Bagent for what you’ve done for us. I look forward to having you in our QB room for a long time. It’s good to know we can count on you when we need you.

5. How do the Chicago Bears and their fans proceed for the rest of the season?

This is a tough one.

After the Bears’ win over the Panthers, they knocked the Panthers down to last place in the NFL draft pending the Arizona Cardinals’ next game. We moved to fifth, pending the games from the Giants and the Patriots.

This win was a must for us, as our recently improved play in the trenches could mean some wins are coming down the pipeline. If we move out of the Top 5 with ours, it would be an enormous boon for the Panthers to lose out to keep their top pick.

Getting the number one overall pick gives us the power to do almost anything in the draft. We would control it all.

Want a QB? Take your favorite. Like 2-3 QBs? Trade that down and acquire more capital. Can’t afford to risk losing Marvin Harrison Jr., my favorite player in this draft? Take him.

Then, there’s the issue of Justin Fields and his evaluation. He’s been forced to play with inadequate rosters before this season, so it’s necessary to get more data this season especially.

If he can continue to play more consistent football and recreate his earlier back-to-back games of 4 touchdowns, there’s a strong argument to be made about running it back with our same QB room and using both of our top picks to acquire blue-chip talent at other positions.

I’m feeling positive for us, Bears fans! I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Bear Down.

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