5 Chicago Bears takeaways from the Week 8 loss vs. the Chargers

A Chicago Bears fan at Sunday night's game used arts and crafts to make a statement. (Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
A Chicago Bears fan at Sunday night's game used arts and crafts to make a statement. (Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy and Head Coach Matt Eberflus continue to inspire negativity. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

4. This coaching staff will go down as the worst in Chicago Bears history barring a miracle.

Maybe the day will come when I will see Matt Eberflus, Luke Getsy, and his coaching staff in a better light.

With a 5-20 (.200%) win/loss record, it’s much more likely that I will look back at this coaching staff as one of the biggest mistakes the Chicago Bears franchise ever made. After all, they’re the worst losers in Bears history, and we’ve had some bad losers.

I’ll admit, they fooled me when the hires were made.

I was initially lukewarm on the hire of Matt Eberflus due to my belief that modern NFL teams with first-round quarterbacks on rookie deals benefit far more from a bright offensive mind (such as Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay) rather than a defensive one. I had never heard of Eberflus either.

However, I was not lukewarm on our hire an offensive coordinator. I was sold on Luke Getsy. As a result of hiring Luke Getsy, I felt much better about Eberflus since he was the man who made that happen.

Even though I was fooled, I don’t claim fault in my belief. If you listened to Getsy during his introductory press conference, he said everything that Chicago Bears fans wanted to hear after Matt Nagy’s tenure.

Luke Getsy stood in front of the Chicago media and promised that he would build around the players that he had. Numerous reporters asked him about his offense, yet Getsy continued to deflect. He would not budge from his rhetoric about his offense being adaptable to his players.

We’re infamous in this city for hiring complete jokes such as Marc Trestman and Jim Boylen. At least when it came to them, they were just bad. They weren’t liars when it came to their scheme.

Luke Getsy is a liar. If he has tried to tailor this offense to his players, then perhaps he isn’t a liar, but rather one of the worst coaches in NFL history. Those are the only explanations for what I witness nearly every Sunday.

The game against the Chargers wasn’t the worst I’ve seen from Getsy, but it certainly wasn’t good. It’s time to accept that Getsy’s reputation was built by Aaron Rodgers. He didn’t deserve any of his hype.

I’ve said enough about Eberflus, so I will sum him up by saying that he is responsible for Luke Getsy, he is responsible for the poor fundamentals that he blamed for his defense’s poor performance on Sunday, and he is an absolute fraud when it comes to his “principles.”

I’m sick of talking about the sports version of Dumb & Dumber, so I’ll share a thought that has been dominating my brain for the last 8 weeks.

5. Kevin Warren, your time has come.

On Sunday night, a glimmer of hope invaded my soul when I saw Chicago Bears President Kevin Warren at the game, separate from Ryan Poles and the rest of this regime, locked in on what was happening and taking notes.

His appearance at Sunday night’s game was the first time that I felt his presence. It feels unlikely that Kevin Warren would have shown up like he did with full visibility if everyone wasn’t to be put on notice.

While I was supremely confident in this regime prior to the beginning of this season, the elephant in the room was that our General Manager and our coaches were in a foreign territory. They had not seen much success in their current job titles. The belief was based on hope.

Kevin Warren does not have this issue. Everywhere he’s gone, he has a reputation for getting things done. He is known for his no-nonsense approach to business and football.

I hope for the sake of Chicago that he applies that same approach to the Bears. In lieu of accountability from his subordinates, he must apply it himself.

This is not Ted Phillips, which makes this situation a little more interesting than it would’ve been in years past. Ultimately, two questions loom large over the Chicago Bears.

What does Kevin Warren think? What will Kevin Warren do?

I hope Chicago gets the answers that it deserves.

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