Bears Rumors: Chicago may be trading for a defensive end

Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles (Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears, Ryan Poles (Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Chicago Bears are not a good football team right now but that doesn’t mean that they can’t do what they need to get better. Adding some help on both sides of the ball isn’t going to make or break this season but the right moves could help them in the future.

There might be a few players sent away because they won’t be long-term pieces. However, they could still add some help in other areas. Being a seller doesn’t mean you can’t also add as a buyer as long as the future is kept in mind.

Ryan Poles has never really been afraid to draft who he wants or trade for who he wants. He lives and dies with the moves that he makes. He is either going to be great or a failure but he has a plan and he executes it the way he thinks he should.

The latest rumor on Tuesday is that the Bears are close to adding a defensive end via the trade market. Of course, the deadline is on the same day at 3 PM ET. Once that time passes, it will be all about the rest of this season and big moves won’t be made until after the Super Bowl.

The Chicago Bears are involved in some trade rumors on deadline day.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune is as locked into this franchise as anyone. He was the first to report this and now the rumor is making its rounds. He wasn’t specific about who it might be but he was specific about the position which is important.

Obviously, adding a good defensive end is so important if you ever want to become a championship contender. You need a quarterback, a good line, weapons, and a good pass rusher. We will see if this ends up coming together or if it falls apart.

It is an exciting rumor because it is still fun to see the Bears active on the market. It is even better when they land good players so we have to hope that is what they are doing here. It is going to end up being a very interesting day for the Bears.

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