3 Chicago Cubs players who won’t be back in 2024

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The Chicago Cubs were a pretty good team in 2023. They had a terrible start but they really started to rebound after the 4th of July. They got all the way into a playoff spot and stayed there for a very long time.

In the middle of August, it really looked like they were a lock to make it to the playoffs. Then, September came around and they fell off a cliff. They ended up barely missing the playoffs on the last weekend of the season.

This felt like a year in which the Cubs needed to make it because anything could happen with the National League wide open. The team that took their spot, the Arizona Diamondbacks, is headed to the World Series. They have been truly elite in the playoffs.

How do the Cubs get as good (or better) than the Diamondbacks? Well, they need to make sure some of the lackluster players on their roster won’t be back. These are three notable players who will be gone from the team in 2024:

1. Miles Mastrobuoni

The Chicago Cubs need to move on from Miles Matrobuoni at this point.

Miles Mastrobuoni had some decent moments with the Chicago Cubs in 2023 but he is far from a player that is going to help them take the next step. There are plenty of upgrades out there that won’t be too hard for the Cubs to bring in.

They can look within their organization, make a trade, or sign a free agent to bring in someone better than him. It was cool to see him play in 2023 but it is time to be bigger and better in 2024.

Mastrobuoni might not even need to leave the Chicago Cubs organization. He could be a guy in the minors that fans enjoy but he cannot be on the team in 2024 if they plan on contending.

There is no reason for Jed Hoyer to do anything other than try and contend this upcoming season. With how they ended along with how the Arizona Diamondbacks have played this fall, they need to know that anything is possible.

Miles was a nice story for a little bit there in 2023 but he needs to be done with the Chicago Cubs. He would not be back on a serious team that is trying to contend.