Bears: 5 biggest takeaways from the Week 6 loss vs Vikings

Chicago Bears rookie backup QB Tyson Bagent gets ridden to the turf by the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday afternoon. (Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears rookie backup QB Tyson Bagent gets ridden to the turf by the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday afternoon. (Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy
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The Chicago Bears have some problems with their offensive coordinator.

4. Chicago Bears OC and play caller Luke Getsy needs to go

Maybe the film breakdowns will tell a tale that explains what I watched the Chicago Bears offense do in certain scenarios, but my instant takeaway is that this seemed like another dud of a game plan by Luke Getsy with poor play calling at the worst times possible.

When he was calling plays for Fields, most of the play design seemed pedestrian at best. We barely rolled Fields out of the pocket once again; the Bears happened to be fortunate that Justin did damage with his legs despite the play-calling.

It appeared during the broadcast that Fields missed a couple of deep throws to Moore, but he didn’t have much help up front as the offensive line regressed in pass protection against the Vikings.

Missed assignments, collapsed pockets, and clean hits on Justin Fields were happening regularly. Getsy never adjusted and Fields was, perhaps unsurprisingly, injured as a result.

With Bagent in, Getsy provided more of the same. In fact, outside of the lone touchdown drive in the fourth quarter, Getsy appeared to become worse.

On multiple third down and 5-or-mores, Getsy chose to run the ball. While Foreman had the run game cooking, normal teams in the NFL can pass for those first downs in late situations. You have to trust your players, backups or not.

There was one drive where Getsy unexplainably called three straight wide receiver screens which nearly sent the faithful at Soldier Field, Bears Twitter, and yours truly into a deep rage. Why not let Tyson Bagent air it out and see what the kid can do?

I understand what happened in the end, but I’d rather lose like that (it’s really the lineman’s fault) than run the ball on third and long because you’re clearly comfortable settling for a field goal.

The Chicago Bears aren’t good enough to play it safe. They need to be aggressive and take risks. They need to open up the playbook to any quarterback who is playing.

At this point, they should feel like they’re coaching for their jobs with the records they currently own. Matt Eberflus seems to be calling his plays like he knows that.

Luke Getsy, on the other hand, seems either oblivious or arrogant as he continues to be conservative and unoriginal. He should remember the Bears are 1-5. I’m sure that Team President Kevin Warren and GM Ryan Poles do.

5. Ryan Poles has some decisions to make

We’re getting into ugly territory with the Chicago Bears at a shockingly early point in the 2023-24 NFL regular season.

The more that the NFL Playoffs feel like a pipe dream, the more likely it is that President Kevin Warren starts making tough decisions about how he wants to lead the Chicago Bears into prominence once again.

Perhaps the only individual who would be more inclined than Warren to do so is General Manager Ryan Poles.

I think, in general, that the public has been tough on Ryan Poles. While he has whiffed somewhat big on a few moves thus far in his tenure, Chicago Bears fans must not forget how he has dramatically improved their cap situation as well as their draft capital.

He’s also hit on a number of draft picks who have the potential to be building blocks for this young regime.

With that being said, Ryan Poles won’t reap the potential rewards of those young players if the constant losing doesn’t turn around at some point.

Now sitting at 1-5, how long will it be before Ryan Poles looks around and realizes he needs to do what’s best for Ryan Poles? If he does nothing, he risks standing on the chopping block if things don’t improve.

If Poles decides that his best option for winning is to go all-in on the rest of your roster construction this upcoming offseason, that could create a fire sale during the current NFL season, in turn affecting this staff’s ability to win football games. At that point, it might not be long before it’s a done deal that the Chicago Bears are resetting.

The clock is ticking on the Chicago Bears and the way this all plays out is going to be indisputably fascinating, hopefully exciting, and potentially heartbreaking to watch. I will hope for whatever route gives Bears Nation and Chicago a happy ending. Fans certainly deserve it.

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