Blackhawks: 3 things Kyle Davidson must do to make 2023-24 successful

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Chicago Blackhawks, 2023 NHL Draft
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3. Securing another good draft pick

Kyle Davidson needs to make sure the Blackhawks have another good draft pick.

This is another year for Kyle Davidson to stay the course. If the team randomly starts playing well, the future still needs to be on the mind. Although selecting Boston University’s Macklin Celebrini first overall would be nice, they just need to make sure they get another great pick.

This season’s draft might not be as deep as last season’s but the potential for a great player to join the long-term core is absolutely there. That is why you trade assets and don’t add anything more.

As long as Connor Bedard has a good year, it doesn’t matter where this team finishes in the standings. The Central Division is horrible and probably the worst in the league but the Hawks are still the worst in it by far.

There is no reason for this team to worry about winning at all when their roster is how it is. They aren’t competing with other West powers like the Vegas Golden Knights, Edmonton Oilers, Colorado Avalanche, or Dallas Stars amongst a few others.

Davidson could end up becoming known as one of the top executives in the sport if all of these plans come together.

Yes, Bedard will make a h GM look better but what he did to prepare for him even before they had him was impressive. It looks like how they are handling things now that he is there is the right way too. Hopefully, this is their kind of successful year.

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