One thing to watch when the Chicago Bears face the Kansas City Chiefs

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are in the middle of a crisis and it does not help that they have to travel to Arrowhead Stadium to play the Kansas City Chiefs.

This was going to be a tough game for the Bears to begin with and it only got harder with what went down on Wednesday.

Starting left tackle Braxton Jones was placed on injured reserve with a neck injury. That was only the third biggest story of the day.

Alan Williams abruptly resigned as defensive coordinator. He cited the need to focus on his health and family. How head coach Matt Eberflus handled Williams’ status before the announcement led to some outlandish speculation that caused the team to confirm the FBI did not raid Halas Hall.

Quarterback Justin Fields created some drama with his comments about what the coaching staff has him to do has left him playing robotic. The comments felt like Fields was putting his offensive coordinator, Luke Getsy on blast. Fields had to have another brief media huddle to clarify he was not pointing the finger at his coaches.

The issues with Williams and Fields reached the point that general manager Ryan Poles had to address the media on Thursday.

The talent gap between the Chiefs and the Bears was going to be hard for Chicago to overcome. Add in all this drama and it seems insurmountable.

Kansas City is not invincible like last season.

The Chiefs wide receiver group is not good. Former Bears head coach Matt Nagy is now the offensive coordinator for Kansas City. Despite those two weaknesses, quarterback Patrick Mahomes should still be able to pick apart Chicago’s defense.

If Baker Mayfield and Jordan Love can look like Pro Bowlers against the Bears’, imagine what Mahomes will do to that unit.

The Bears are more than likely to see their regular season losing streak reach 13.

There are plenty of storylines to follow if you choose to watch this game.

Larry Borom is set to replace Jones at left tackle. You got Nagy trying to beat the franchise that fired him. It will certainly be discussed how former Bears general manager Ryan Pace passed on drafting Patrick Mahomes in favor of Mitchell Trubisky.

Those topics are not enough to give up three hours this Sunday.

The only reason to turn into the game if you have a rooting interest in the Chicago Bears is to see how Justin Fields plays.

All that matters is how Fields plays.

He has been bad in the season’s first two games. The play calling and the offensive line have not helped his cause, but Fields’ weaknesses as a passer have shown through.

Fields’ ability to process and scan the field has come into question. He was sacked six times against the Tampa Buccaneers and at least four of them should be attributed to him holding onto the ball too darn long.

Since this is a game where the Chicago Bears are most likely to leave with the L, Fields playing well should smooth over losing another game.

He says he is going to go back to playing free and easy. That means getting out of the pocket more and hopefully not thinking so much in the pocket to where he does not rip the ball.

Even Mahomes thinks that is a good idea.

Fields needs to go out and put on a performance like what we saw last season. It would be nice if he could add some nice throws. That would restore a lot of lost faith in him.

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