3 Chicago Blackhawks to trade during training camp

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Chicago Blackhawks, Andreas Athanasiou
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The Chicago Blackhawks could move on from Andreas Athanasiou any time.

The Chicago Blackhawks traded a lot of their expendable players in 2022-23. It wasn’t easy to see them make the team that much worse but adding assets for the future was clearly at the top of their priority list.

Andreas Athanasiou, however, was not a player that they moved. Then, during the off-season, the Hawks gave him an extension. Now, he is a player with two years on it that could be moved for assets once again if they decide that is a good idea.

It is hard to see it happening during training camp but they should consider it. He can bring them a good return because of the speed and skill that he can bring to a lineup. A lot of contenders might love to add a guy like this to their third or fourth line.

Injuries stacking up might make a player like Athanasiou more interesting and the fact that he has a second year on his deal. His future is very interesting but until he is moved (if he ever is), he will be a good piece to surround some of the younger guys with.