It is time for Chicago White Sox manager Pedro Grifol to stop talking

It has been a miserable season for the Chicago White Sox. Manager Pedro Grifol only makes it worse every time he speaks.

When he opens his mouth, the commentary coming out ranges somewhere between absurd and illogical.

For example, Grifol had this to say about wanting pitcher Mike Clevinger back for next season

“In a world where there’s a need for starting pitching, who wouldn’t want Clev? He’s been really good in the clubhouse. He’s been really good with our young guys. He’s had a lot of energy all year and he loves to pitch, loves to compete. Absolutely.”

Well, 29 other teams did not want Clevinger as he was placed on waivers and no one claimed him.

Grifol is obligated to talk with the media, but it would be nice if he paid attention to what he verbalized. He keeps coming across as foolish.

This is the guy who said a mid-August loss to the Chicago Cubs was the club’s toughest defeat of the year. Keep in mind the Chicago White Sox were out of playoff contention by mid-May and he said that losing to the Cubs in August was the toughest beat of the year.

Grifol just does not get it.

He just added that he believes the Chicago White Sox will turn things around next season.

The Sox have given no indication they will go from 90 losses to 90 wins next year.

This is a franchise that will go into next season needing to fill three spots in the starting rotation. It should be four since Michael Kopech has been a train wreck this year, but he is forecasted to get another shot to start.

The bullpen needs to be revamped. Right field and second base are still major holes in the lineup. Oscar Colas was so bad in right field that he was demoted to Triple-A in September for a team going nowhere.

Shortstop is also a problem given that Tim Anderson has struggled mightily this season and has a $14 million club option for next season. The Sox could pick it up and hope for a rebound season.  They could also trade him, but they are probably not going to get a great return.

It does not help that the general manager is not qualified to run the team and is being asked to apply spackle to the roster holes instead of doing a total renovation.

Chris Getz is being tasked to turn things around quickly but chances are good he will be asked to do it on a shoestring budget. So cross off any big-ticket free agents being brought in as one solution.

If Grifol thinks the Chicago White Sox can improve from possibly losing 100 games this year to only losing 85 next season, fine, it makes sense. He is probably thinking the Sox will make a few tweaks, and poof, they will be back to contending for the AL Central.

The division is going to be weak again next season. The problem for the Sox is there are just too many roster issues along with a good probability of a self-imposed spending cap to adequately address them that will net a division title.

Compounding the problem is Grifol will be back as manager next season. He has done nothing to indicate the team will play better for him. This team has quit on Grifol, only he refuses to believe it no matter what the losses stacking up or numbers say.

He has never had control of the clubhouse since the moment he took the job. Grifol is living in a fantasy if he thinks his leadership will redirect the ship and point the Chicago White Sox toward a division championship. Especially since he is the one who helped steer the proverbial ship into an iceberg in the first place.