Notre Dame: Dublin is the home for their first game of 2023

(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

Football is back! The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are one of the great brands that College Football provides us with each week. Love them or hate them, there is no doubt that they will be a part of the conversation this season.

The Irish are always a topic of discussion because of the long history of the program. Now, we have another year of hoping that they can go undefeated and make a run at the College Football Playoff.

Going undefeated is pretty much essential for them to do that. They don’t have a conference that they play in so there is no conference title ever on their resume which is something that the College Football Playoff Committee likes to see.

As a result, they pretty much have to win every game and be pretty dominant in most of them. They won’t beat out a one-loss Alabama (any SEC, B1G, or ACC) team if that team has a conference championship team unless they are undefeated.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will take on the Navy in Dublin, Ireland.

That quest will start for the Irish on Saturday against Navy. There is a little bit of a twist to this game as it will be played in Dublin, Ireland.

With Marcus Peters set for his sophomore season as a coach of this team, this is a very exciting time.

Notre Dame ended the 2022-23 season as the number 21 team in the final College Football Playoff Ranking.

Now, they enter this team as the number 13 squad on the AP Preseason Poll. Big wins all season long will surely creep them higher in the poll and the committee should love them if they stay undefeated.

Having this big first game of the season overseas in Ireland has to be very exciting for the players and coaches. This is a chance to expose even more college football to Europe. With a team literally called the Irish, fans have to be head over heels excited.

This game will be a primetime 7:30 kickoff for them in Ireland but it will be 1:30 CT/2:30 ET here at home in the United States. You can either watch it on NBC or stream it on Peacock. This is a very exciting time as the season is officially here.

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