Chicago Bulls: Lonzo Ball clowns Stephen A. Smith on Twitter

The Chicago Bulls are going to be a very interesting team this season. We don’t know if they are going to be really good but there is a low likelihood that they will be a really bad team.

At this point, it would be nice for it to just be an improvement over the disappointing season that was 2022-23.

Yes, they got hot down the stretch, made it to the Play-In Tournament, and won a game in it. However, after the way the season prior went, they had higher hopes.

Part of the Bulls’ underperformance has been the lack of Lonzo Ball on the court. He is a very good player that Chicago needs healthy.

Unfortunately, he is going to miss the entire 2023-24 season as he is still recovering from this knee issue. It is fair to worry about his future.

Stephen A. Smith commented on Chicago Bulls star Lonzo Ball’s injury.

In fact, Stephen A Smith questioned his future on ESPN’s First Take. He mentioned that he heard that he can’t get up from sitting down and that he doesn’t think he’ll ever come back the same.

On Twitter later on, Ball chirped back with a video. It was him yelling at Stephen A. and getting up and down from a chair on one leg. He questioned where he heard his information from and let everybody know that he will be back.


This is a tough look for Stephen A. Smith who is one of the most well-respected sports personalities in the world. Clearly, Lonzo believes he can get up from a chair and will come back to the NBA strong.

As Chicago Bulls fans, it would be nice to see him return to full strength so he can help this team win. We don’t know when exactly that is going to be but he is making it clear that it will happen eventually.

Stephen A. Smith did clap back on Twitter a little bit as well as expected. He quoted the Lonzo tweet twice and had some things to say. The most notable thing is Lonzo being invited to come on Stephen A.’s podcast at some point.

Hopefully, that happens. You might remember all of those years ago when Stephen A. would debate Lonzo Ball’s father Lavar Ball on First Take. It certainly does make good television.

Soon, actual basketball games being played will take over the NBA news cycle and that is going to be really nice as well.