Chicago Bears: 3 shocking cuts they should make right now

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Chicago Bears, Travis Homer
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3. Travis Homer

The Chicago Bears need to be smart with their running backs right now.

There is no way that the Chicago Bears see their running back room as a finished product right now.

They have had some good backs in franchise history including some all-time greats so you’d figure that they won’t be settling anytime soon.

During the off-season, David Montgomery left the Bears in free agency to go to the Detroit Lions. Now, the Bears are left with some players looking to make big moves this season.

Khalil Herbert, D’Onta Foreman, and Roschon Johnson are expected to be the three guys getting the carries for this team in 2023.

With injuries, you never know how things shake out at this position. They need to make sure that whatever they do is smart because they are going to need the running game to be strong to take some pressure off of both Fields’ arms and legs.

Travis Homer is the guy that is likely to get cut. The other three are more valuable at this point in time as Homer is the last guy on the unofficial depth chart.

All of these guys are good players but probably don’t have a spot on this team right now. It is always a hard time of year but it is the reality of it. The Bears have some tough situations to make in the coming weeks before we are done with the preseason.

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