Chicago Bears: Everybody needs to chill on Justin Fields

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The Chicago Bears won their first preseason game of 2023 last weekend, and quarterback Justin Fields completed just three passes. He also only threw three pass attempts. And two went for touchdowns.

Yet, the news cycle has made too much about his performance. Fans and pundits have been arguing over his game — never mind that it’s the preseason and matters very little.

Fields’ detractors are pointing to how his touchdown pass to D.J. Moore was actually thrown behind Moore. Fields’ fans are saying that it’s no big deal, it’s just one play, and it resulted in a touchdown.

This author is saying: “Why don’t we all calm down?”

Everybody needs to chill when talking about Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields.

There are still two preseason games left. Fields threw only three passes. He might not throw many more in each preseason game. We won’t be able to properly evaluate Fields until actual regular season games start.

I’m aware that people like to comment on Twitter and will comment on even the most mundane stuff. I am aware that some media members and outlets are working for clicks — and by writing about it, I am too.

But perhaps social media and the need to empty every one of our idle thoughts onto the Internet has broken our brains. Perhaps the spotlight we shine on NFL football is too bright. Sometimes three passes in the preseason don’t mean much at all.

Or, at least, don’t mean much for the quarterback. Since two of the passes were thrown behind the line of scrimmage and resulted in long touchdowns, maybe the takeaways here involve the Bears’ ability to block downfield and the athleticism of Moore and running back Khalil Herbert.

I understand Fields generates attention just by being the quarterback. And because he’s a young, developing QB who the jury is still out on.

And because of the Bears’ decades-long problems addressing that position. But sometimes the focus belongs elsewhere if we’re being intellectually honest.

Let’s wait a while longer before we evaluate Fields’ 2023 season. He’s not all of a sudden an all-time great because he went 3-for-3 with 2 TDs and a perfect quarterback rating in a preseason game. He’s not a busted draft pick because one of those passes was behind his intended receiver.

Maybe we should just all shut up and watch some football for a while before we fire up the take machine?

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