Chicago Bears Draft: Roschon Johnson pick proves Ryan Poles isn’t messing around

Chicago Bears, Roschon Johnson (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears, Roschon Johnson (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images) /

When Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft kicked off, the Chicago Bears began it by trading back from the first selection in the fourth round, moving back to pick no. 13 in the round.

At that pick, Ryan Poles went with a surprising, yet incredibly refreshing choice, in Texas running back Roschon Johnson.

Everyone has heard of Bijan Robinson, but you may not know about his backup. For the last four years, Johnson has been a model of consistency in the Longhorns’ back field, and he’s a pretty darn good running back.

Johnson’s arrival now means the Bears’ back field is going to be very competitive, also featuring Khalil Herbert, D’Onta Foreman and Travis Homer. What does a pick like this mean? Well, for starters, Poles is downright serious about improving this offense and giving Justin Fields as many weapons as possible.

The Roschon Johnson selection goes to show that Ryan Poles means business in 2023

Johnson is a luxury pick, right now, but also might give the Bears flexibility down the road. Foreman’s deal is only for one year. Herbert is good enough where he could make a decent amount when he hits free agency. Could Johnson simply be the future at the position?

Regardless of what the future holds in the back field, right now it looks good. Poles went out and drafted a big, patient runner who is impressive when it comes to shedding tacklers and staying on his feet. Johnson could be a huge help around the goal line and short yardage, but he’s also a phenomenal pass blocker.

Originally a quarterback, Johnson converted to running back and hasn’t looked back since.

Being a backup, Johnson also has a lot of tread left on his tires. He’s only carried the ball 392 times over four years at Texas.

And, I should point out, the title “backup” sounds like a bad thing. The truth is, Texas’ back field was the best in the nation between he and Robinson. Being Robinson’s backup isn’t necessarily a knock on Johnson.

The Bears went out and got a talented player, loading up their back field for the coming season and ensuring this offense can continue to run the ball down the throats of their opponents.

In a year where Fields’ development is crucial, Poles is doing the right thing. He’s adding weapons like Johnson, and has plenty of time to go on Day 3 of the draft to add more.

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