Chicago Bears: 5 reasons why Justin Fields will be 2023-24 NFL MVP

Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields will be your 2023-24 NFL MVP. (Paul Rutherford/USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields will be your 2023-24 NFL MVP. (Paul Rutherford/USA TODAY Sports) /
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Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields is no stranger to making history. His sophomore season was littered with broken records, highlight-reel plays and unreal potential. He even snagged a vote for MVP.

Simultaneously, the Chicago Bears were unable to win football games. They ended the year on a 10-game losing streak and finished with an overall record of 3-14. They were luckily rewarded with the No.1 overall pick thanks to an old friend.

Despite it all, fans were beside themselves with excitement because of Justin Fields. Dubbed as ‘H1M’ by many like myself who thought they’d never see this day, Fields was the answer to a near-century search for a franchise QB.

The good news didn’t stop there, as I felt supreme confidence in the direction of the Chicago Bears at every level of their organization for the first time ever after the underrated hire of Kevin Warren as President and CEO.

After Ryan Poles’ brilliant trade combined with his key acquisitions to begin free agency, I am here to inform you that Justin Fields is about to become a Chicago sports legend.

The Chicago Bears are primed for a meteoric rise led by QB Justin Fields and it will end in historic fashion: Being crowned as the 2023-24 NFL MVP.

Let us not forget that the Chicago Bears fielded perhaps the worst roster in the National Football League last season.

Despite his lack of support, Fields proved he was the answer at QB. Ryan Poles agreed, trading the No.1 overall pick in the draft for a franchise-altering haul.

It turned out he was just getting warmed up. He followed that performance by signing a plethora of free agents on both sides of the ball, upgrading the roster considerably in the process.

The Bears are now the talk of the league, giving off a very positive vibe which players want to be around. For a franchise that has been notorious for their resistance to change, this is no small feat.

Justin Fields is the answer for why that aura finally exists, which leads to my first reason why he is going to take the megastar leap to become NFL MVP in Year 3.