Patrick Kane can reach out to Anthony Rizzo for advice

Patrick Kane has been traded from the Chicago Blackhawks to the New York Rangers. That is obviously, although we all know it was coming, a trade that sent shockwaves around the NHL and the Chicago sports scene.

Speaking of the Chicago sports scene, the Chicago Blackhawks are going through something very similar to what the Chicago Cubs went through just a few years ago. Obviously, there are not the exact same situations but there are some similarities to point to.

Although they all left indifferent ways, there are champions that left town to go play somewhere else. In the case of Anthony Rizzo, he was traded to a New York team just like Patrick Kane was.

Rizzo should reach out to Kane and see if there is anything he can do for him. On the flip side, Patrick Kane can reach out to Anthony Rizzo for advice.

Patrick Kane, like Anthony Rizzo, has been traded from Chicago to New York.

It can’t be easy to go from a losing situation in Chicago to a high-pressure situation in New York under the bright lights. Rizzo is one of the few who has experience succeeding in doing so.

In 2021, Rizzo was traded to the New York Yankees from the Chicago Cubs. Since then, Rizzo has found a new baseball home and he is thriving there in New York. When his contract was up after the 2021 season concluded, he re-signed there with the Yankees. Now, they are an elite team.

We don’t know the future of Patrick Kane. He has, if you can believe it, been an even better hockey player than Rizzo was a baseball player. The Rangers are also nowhere near the status of the Yankees in terms of previous championship success.

There is more pressure on Kane to go to New York and win. Rizzo just needed to be one of the guys with the Yankees. Kane needs to be a high-level offensive player for them to win in the playoffs.

Outside of those differences, Rizzo might have the ability to help Kane feel more comfortable playing in the big city. If anything, it would just look good on both of their parts back home in Chicago to be seen talking. Of course, people in Chicago wish nothing but the best for both of them.