Blackhawks: 3 last-minute Patrick Kane trade packages with the Rangers

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The Chicago Blackhawks are in a decent spot with their rebuild. The team is horrible on the NHL ice this year but that is going to lead to a very high draft pick. It could even lead to Connor Bedard who seems like a generational game changer.

Chicago’s prospect farm is getting better and better which is great to hear knowing how they are building the organization. It is only going to get better if they are smart with their trade deadline work this year.

There are plenty of options to trade but Patrick Kane is obviously the big one. It seems like his only destination is the New York Rangers because of personal preference.

If this trade is going to get done, Kane has all of the leverage so it might not be the return that fans initially thought. These are three realistic trade packages for Kane to the Rangers:

Blackhawks Get
2023 Second-Round Pick
Future Sixth-Round Pick
Zach Jones
Rangers Get
Patrick Kane

The Chicago Blackhawks could make a trade that gets them two picks.

The Chicago Blackhawks probably ruined their chances of getting the most out of Patrick Kane. If they knew he even slightly wanted to go there before the Vladimir Tarasenko trade, they could have pulled the trigger sooner.

However, Zach Jones, New York’s 2023 second round pick, and a future sixth-round pick is still decent for Kane in this current situation.

Jones is a defenseman that is on the young side so he’d just join the young crop of players that the Hawks have at that position. The second round pick could be incredibly valuable in the 2023 draft as the talent runs very deep.

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