Bulls News: Lonzo Ball is officially done for the season

The Chicago Bulls are the 11th-place team in the NBA’s Eastern Conference right now as they are amongst the most disappointing teams in the league this year. At 26-33, any real playoff aspirations are looking harder and harder. They are 3-7 in their last ten.

Things aren’t getting any easier for the team either as they announced that Lonzo Ball is going to be missing for the rest of the season. He tried to ramp it up and come back but the discomfort that he is experiencing is too much for him to overcome at this time.

When Ball last played for the Chicago Bulls, he was a big part of their first-place season up to that point. Since he has stopped playing, things have only gone south for this organization. Everyone else’s game seems to have faltered over that year as well.

Ball is an outstanding player that can bring a lot to the team so this is devastating news for the Bulls. Any hope of success in the play-in round (even if they make that at this point) is not out the window with this news. Lonzo Ball is an impact player when he is there so seeing him out has been hard.

The Chicago Bulls are not going to be seeing Lonzo Ball back this year.

Where do the Bulls go from here? Well, it might be time to start over. Zach LaVine hasn’t lived up to his contract and the rest of the roster isn’t good enough to carry the load. Rebuilding or retooling might be the way for the front office right now.

On Monday night, it came out that the Bulls were bringing Patrick Beverley in which pretty much signals that they are done for the year. They just need people to play out this year as they get ready for an off-season that promises to be loaded with moves.

The Bulls were one of two NBA teams to make zero moves at the trade deadline which signals that they might have known that Lonzo Ball wasn’t coming back.

Why would they try to get better if they know Ball isn’t coming back and they have no chance? Save the assets. It is tough to see them in this position but that is where they are now. Hopefully, Ball finds a way to feel better and resume his NBA career.