Blackhawks News: Now both Toews and Kane know who wants them

Over the last few days, we learned that the Chicago Blackhawks approached Patrick Kane about the teams that have expressed interest in him. We also know that he won’t have a decision until closer to the trade deadline.

Kane is one of the best players in the history of the franchise so trading him would be very hard for everyone to watch (including Kane) but it is something that the team must consider because of the good it can cause for the future.

This is also not the only player that Chicago needs to consider moving. It will be equally as hard to move on from Jonathan Toews but they must try. He might not land them as much as Kane but any assets they can take advantage of this year, they should.

On Tuesday, we also learned from David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period that Toews is very much in the same boat as Kane. Teams have expressed interest in him but he ultimately gets the final decision and likely won’t make it until closer to the trade deadline.

The trade deadline is going to be very interesting for the Chicago Blackhawks.

As Pagnnotta put it, anything can change but nobody should expect it to at this time. It is obviously a big story but none that we are going to have to wait for. Obviously, for the right price, a contender would look much better with Toews inserted into their lineup.

Toews has missed the last couple of days (practice, game) because of illness. The team already knows what it might be like without their current captain but it won’t feel real until he is actually gone for good.

The thing is, neither Toews nor Kane are locks to be traded. They control their own destiny and the teams trying to get them know that. It is a very similar situation to what went on with Claude Giroux last season and the trade between the Philadelphia Flyers and Florida Panthers.

Regardless, getting anything for these guys would really help in the future. They need assets that can help them going forward. Also, losing them makes them a worse team which will help them in the Connor Bedard sweepstakes.

Again, it isn’t going to be all that fun for Blackhawks fans to see these legends leave but it is pretty obvious that it must be done. They have a great prospect pool and it is only going to get better so we can only hope that this all leads to a brighter future.