Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Justin Fields gets Tee Higgins, other weapons

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields (Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields (Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Chicago Bears, Andrew Vorhees
Chicago Bears, Andrew Vorhees (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Somehow, some way, USC guard Andrew Vorhees was here in the fourth round, so the Bears won’t waste an opportunity to draft a starting guard at this position in the draft. The 6-foot-6 menacing guard is one of the nastiest offensive linemen in this draft, and some outlets have him ranked as high as a second-round prospect.

Should his Senior Bowl performance and Combine performance go well, he could end up there. But, for right now, he was on the board and the Bears snagged him.

Vorhees would step in and start, right away, for the Bears, giving them a pair of rookies on the interior. Vorhees is a bully in the run game, and plays with a mean streak that’s been missing up front. The Bears saw Fields take way too many hits last season and are in desperate need of a couple of physical leaders, willing to stand up for their quarterback.

That’s Vorhees in a nutshell. He’s as physical as they come and won’t hesitate to punch an opposing man in the mouth, so to speak. Chicago gets a legitimate starter falling right in their lap, here, in the fourth round. Poles is hitting a home run thus far, and it’ll only continue from here.