Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Justin Fields gets Tee Higgins, other weapons

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields (Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields (Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Chicago Bears, Moro Oromo
Chicago Bears, Moro Ojomo (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

With their third-round selection, the Bears go back to their defensive line and snag Texas’ Moro Ojomo. For years now, the league has been trying to find themselves the next Aaron Donald. The combination of speed and strength on the interior is extremely rare, and while Ojomo probably isn’t the next Donald, he’s got that combination.

Ojomo stands 6-foot-3, weighing 281 pounds. He’s got just a big enough, strong enough frame to handle opposing lineman while also being able to sneak past them with his quickness. Last season with Texas, he finished with 5.5 tackles for a loss (3.0 sacks).

The Bears are getting a defensive lineman that can get off the ball efficiently. He’s quick off the jump, being able to time the snap well and get out in front of his opposing man. Ojomo is such a versatile lineman that the Bears could easily play around with he and fellow rookie Tyree Wilson, stunting and attacking in a variety of ways.

The Bears were horrible up front last year when it came to the run as well as getting after the quarterback, which is by the combination of Ojomo and Wilson should make fans more than happy a change is coming. The youth movement is in effect, and this defensive line is going to look much, much different in 2023.