3 Chicago Bears players to pair with the first overall pick in a trade

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The Chicago Bears are in a good spot. They have the most cap space in the NFL and now we know that they have the number one overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Finishing with the worst record in the NFL isn’t fun during the season but for one year it will be fun to see what comes of that.

A lot of folks believe that the Chicago Bears will trade out of the first overall pick in order to get a huge return for it. They don’t need to draft a quarterback so a team that does might overpay.

They might even get even more out of a trade if they pair a player with the first overall pick. One of these three are good options to consider for that:

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Eddie Jackson is a player for the Chicago Bears to consider trading now.

The Chicago Bears have had some incredible moments with Eddie Jackson. He has had some ups and some downs but there is no doubt that he has proven himself to be a good playmaker on the defensive side of the ball. He was a huge part of some great defenses.

Now, there is a chance that Eddie Jackson would be better off playing with a different NFL team that can take advantage of his skills. The Bears aren’t going to be a contender for at least a couple of more years and Eddie Jackson isn’t getting any younger.

He might be worth it to someone who needs a playmaking safety to complement their already good defense. Letting him go will also free up some more cap space for players that help with the rebuild. A player like this paired with the first overall pick could really help them get a good return.