3 players that played their last game with the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears are in a really good position with their organization right now. They have the number one overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft along with the most cap space of any team in the league and it is by a lot.

They have a quarterback that proved that he can be the guy going forward. That is farther than a lot of the rebuilding teams are in this league. Now it is time to build upon that.

In doing so, there are going to be a few players that aren’t back with the team for the 2023 season. Some of them are good players that can help a team win but don’t have a place on the roster in the long term for different reasons.

These are the three players that were on the team in 2022 but are not going to be on the team again when training camp starts in 2023:

57. . WR. Chicago Bears. Byron Pringle. 13. player

The Chicago Bears are not likely to bring Bryon Pringle back in 2023.

Byron Pringle was a wide receiver experiment made by Ryan Poles this season but he didn’t do enough to make it where he is going to be a part of the team for the long haul.

Pringle played in 11 games this season and he accumulated 135 yards on 10 receptions with two touchdowns. He wasn’t used all that much which suggests he wasn’t worthy of being more useful and they don’t think he is a part of their future.

Pringle has lots of talent and could find his way with another team next year but he has almost certainly played his final game with the Chicago Bears after a disappointing 2022 season. They will be looking for much more value out of the wide receiver position this off-season.