Chicago Bears trade Justin Fields in this wild 2023 mock draft

Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Rome Odunze
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The Chicago Bears have one 3rd round pick and two 4th round picks.

Round 3

The Chicago Bears can’t go wrong with too many wide receivers in the draft. Whether a mock like this where they end up with a new quarterback becomes a reality or they keep Justin Fields, they will need help. Every good quarterback in the league needs people to throw to.

Here, in the third round, Rome Odunze is the pick out of Washington. He is someone that could be drafted in the third round and that comes in and shocks some people. The Bears could certainly use a player with this kind of skill set out wide.

Round 4

Matthew Bergeron is a tackle that comes from Syracuse. The Bears, of course, need so much help on the offensive line. Justin Fields was running for his life in 2022 and that would be the case for any quarterback playing for this team. Bergeron is someone that could help out as they desperately need it.

Round 4 (From Eagles)

The other fourth-round pick here is Bryce Ford-Wheaton. He might be a bit overrated but the West Virginia wide receiver could be a steal. The Bears should be drafting as many receivers and linemen as they can because this is going to help their offense grow into what they need to become.