Bears News: Ryan Pole’s quote about drafting a QB is concerning

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Of course, anything and everything should be on the table if you are a team like the Chicago Bears who have been nothing short of a joke for multiple decades. Nothing they’ve done has worked in a very long time so they need to be always trying to improve everything.

Ryan Poles is currently the man in charge right now as the general manager. He has been working well with new head coach Matt Eberflus as they try to get this franchise turned around for the long-term future. The fans of this team deserve that.

Well, one thing that went right for the Bears for (most of) this season is the quarterback. Justin Fields still has a bit more developing to do when it comes to the passing game but getting help on the offensive line and better weapons will help with that naturally.

He was running for his life this season when trying to make passes which is why he was actually much more effective in the running game.

The Chicago Bears saw some good things from Justin Fields this year.

That makes some old-school people upset but that is the way the position is trending anyway. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have to work on his throwing as well but again, it is coming in time.

Now, because they were the worst team in the league in terms of wins and losses, they have the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. They could do a lot of different things with that choice as they are now on the clock for a couple of months. The off-season goes through them.

Ryan Poles was asked about drafting a quarterback number one overall and he didn’t dismiss it. In fact, he said he’d have to be blown away to draft one which is a bit concerning. That means that he doesn’t have 100 percent faith that Fields is his guy long-term.

He clearly believes that there is a chance that he is but another quarterback can impress him enough to move on. Again, nothing should be off the table but it is concerning that Poles can still move off Justin which means he hasn’t seen enough.

This is probably a quote that will lead to nothing but it has to be noted as we move along in the off-season. We’ll see how it goes with this pick as it is going to be the topic of conversation all year long for the Bears.

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