Chicago Bears: 5 early trades involving number 1 pick

Chicago Bears, 2023 NFL Draft (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears, 2023 NFL Draft (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Entering Sunday, the Chicago Bears were still sitting comfortably in that second overall spot in the 2023 NFL Draft.

However, there was a slight chance they could move up. All they needed was for the Houston Texans to beat the Indianapolis Colts and lose to the Minnesota Vikings themselves.

Late in the fourth quarter of the Indianapolis/Houston game, it looked bleak. But, after a 4th and 18 conversion, a touchdown and a gutsy 2-point conversion by Houston, the miraculous became reality.

The Bears lost to Minnesota, Houston beat Indianapolis, and the rest is history. Chicago now owns the first overall pick in the draft, but there’s a strong likelihood they trade it.

With Justin Fields the future at quarterback, Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears will have plenty of trade options with their first pick.

Justin Fields is the guy. I don’t care how many rumors you read over the next four months. It doesn’t matter what arguments tried getting spun. Nothing is going to make Ryan Poles draft Bryce Young first overall.

Young is going first overall, make no mistake about that. But, it won’t be to Chicago. Poles is going to trade that pick for one of the biggest draft hauls in NFL history — and he’ll use it to build around Fields going forward.

The quarterback landscape is going to change drastically this offseason, some of it coming from the draft and a bunch more happening via free agency. The Bears, though, hold many of the cards when it comes to these changes.

If we’re looking ahead to draft day trades, let’s take a gander at five deals Poles could make.