Chicago Cubs News: Eric Hosmer is coming to the North Side

The Chicago Cubs have been looking for a first baseman. They didn’t land Jose Abreu so the thought was that they were going to stay internal for the job.

With Dansby Swanson taking shortstop and Nico Hoerner moving to second base, the middle of the infield looks amazing. However, the corners of the infield leave a lot to be desired. However, the Cubs might have made a move to make it a little bit better.

They are going to be signing Eric Hosmer to a one-year deal. This is a good move for the Cubs as they have a stopgap for the position going into 2023. They can give other guys a shot when they feel like it but having a veteran like Hosmer there won’t hurt one bit.

It is a team that should be smart with its young players but bringing in Hosmer will give them a solid looking infield as they try to be a much more competitive team in 2023.

The Chicago Cubs have signed Eric Hosmer to a one year contract for 2023.

Hosmer had a very interesting 2022 season. He started the year with the San Diego Padres who had him locked into a long-term contract. However, there was some drama with him and the Juan Soto trade but he actually ended up with the Boston Red Sox following the trade deadline.

After 2022 ended, the Red Sox didn’t want to bring him back and he became a free agent. There were rumors about where he was going to land but he has now signed with the Chicago Cubs.

In 2022, Hosmer had an okay year. He had a WAR of 1.1 and an OPS over .700 so you know he was decent at times but not worth his contract. For what the Cubs are looking for though, he will be perfect for this 2023 season as long as they don’t act like he’s the future.

Hosmer also brings a wealth of experience to the group. In addition to an All-Star appearance (he was the MVP of the game), a Silver Slugger, and four Gold Gloves, he is also a World Series champion.

It has been a very solid career that has given him a lot. This signing should prove to be very solid for Jed Hoyer and his staff as the year goes along.