Chicago Bulls Rumors: 3 DeMar DeRozan trades if he wants out in 2023

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DeMar DeRozan trades if he asks to leave the Chicago Bulls: The Los Angeles Lakers

Lastly, of course we have to talk about the Los Angeles Lakers. Every year, it seems, we don’t know what the future will hold for LeBron James. He’s controlled his own destiny for a while now, even if he is under contract.

After this season, the Russell Westbrook contract comes off the books for Los Angeles, which would allow them the opportunity to give it another shot in adding a third star to the mix. DeRozan is the perfect guy for the job — a much better fit than Westbrook.

As much as some might hate to admit it, this is the type of move that gives LeBron a shot at another title. DeRozan knows what it takes to win, like LeBron, and paired up with he and Anthony Davis could give the Lakers the best “Big 3” in basketball right now.

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DeRozan could technically be the third option if he decided to take on that role, and as the third option, look out. He’s already dangerous enough. But, with teams having to worry about matching up with Davis and LeBron, that midrange could be a whole lot more open for DeRozan in L.A.