Chicago Bears: 3 things we want to see from Justin Fields in the final two games

Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears’ 2022 campaign can be summed up in many ways, and if you were to pick a negative adjective to describe it, you’d likely be correct in doing so.

However, there is a ton of positive to come out of this year if you’re looking at the season through the correct lens.

The most exciting takeaway from this year is undoubtedly going to be what we’ve seen out of Justin Fields. The second-year pro has taken a true leap as a sophomore. He’s become one of the most dynamic, exciting players in football.

Bears fans have to double-take when reading a sentence like that, because we’re not used to it just yet. Now, with two games remaining on the schedule, and not much to play for, fans are eager to see Fields end on a positive note.

What we want to see from Justin Fields in final two games: Finish the year competitively, cleanly

With matchups against two divisional rivals in Detroit and MInnesota, it’s no wonder Matt Eberflus confirmed Fields will be playing out the season. Obviously, he’s a competitor and plays to win football games. So, he’s going to be out there so long as he’s healthy.

Speaking of health, that’s how we want to see Fields end the year. He’s been banged up at times, but to end the season healthy would be a huge victory for a guy who has taken some brutal hits this year.

Not just finishing the year in good health, but finishing it competitively will be a reason to get excited. Bears fans don’t necessarily need to see wins (eh ‘em, draft positioning) but we want to see Fields play well. We want to see that competitive fire we’ve seen all year long and a few of those “wow” plays for good measure.