Chicago Bulls: 2 trades that completely blow it all up

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Chicago Bulls (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls
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Trade Two: Send Zach LaVine to another contender

In this trade the Chicago Bulls take on another expensive contract along with a few young building blocks to offset the loss of Zach LaVine. To make salaries work and get back an addition two first round picks, they also include Alex Caruso and Andre Drummond who would be valuable veteran contributors off the 76ers bench.

Zach LaVine along with Tyrese Maxey, would give James Harden and Embiid two elite scorers on the wings to go along with PJ Tucker who is an invaluable defender. Additionally, PJ Tucker and Alex Caruso would give the 76ers one of the most formidable defenses in the East.

Lastly, I believe, the 76ers would be interested in this trade despite the issues surrounding Zach LaVine because he would be in an environment where there are multiple other stars all more successful than he is. In this environment, he is more likely to be held accountable and play to the standard on both ends that everyone knows he’s capable of doing.

So, with the 76ers getting an all-star in his prime, with the upside of him becoming an elite two-way defender in the right environment, another invaluable defender off the bench, and another athletic wing for depth, they send back two young guards, an expiring contract of their own, and multiple first round picks with minimal protection.

This is another trade that would be good for both teams and gives the Bulls more young players to work with and picks in the future to continue adding more talent.