3 sneaky trade-back scenarios for the Chicago Bears with the no. 2 pick

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Trade Number 1: The Chicago Bears and New York Jets pull off a big one

The New York Jets have been a pleasant surprise this year, but no thanks to last year’s number two overall pick, quarterback Zach Wilson. Just three weeks ago, it was announced  by head coach Robert Saleh that Wilson was going to be benched in favor of Mike White.

Since that decision was made, the Jets have really rallied around White and seem to have taken a much bigger liking to him running the offense than Wilson. Now, Saleh has maintained that the plan is to get Wilson back on the field at some point this season. But, it’s getting to the point where a decision like that could come too late, not to mention it might be the wrong move for Saleh and the Jets.

Let’s say the Jets roll with White for the remainder of the season, and that New York decides to move on from Wilson after this year via trade. After all, the feeling around that locker room doesn’t seem to be positive when it comes to the young and immature quarterback.

If the Jets move forward without Wilson, they could keep White as their stopgap quarterback. Moving up to number two would undoubtedly mean the Jets try and pair Garrett Wilson with his former teammate, CJ Stroud, assuming Bryce Young goes number one to Houston.

Meanwhile, the Bears get a haul of picks due to the Jets having to move up 20 spots. Going back to pick 22 could still see the Bears come away with a top wide receiver or offensive lineman.