3 insane trades that send Patrick Kane to the New York Islanders

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The Chicago Blackhawks are a very bad hockey team. After getting beat by the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday, they are 4-14-4 which is good for a three-way tie for second to last in the entire National Hockey League. This team had no chance against a Devils team that is loaded.

Now, they have to move forward knowing that they aren’t even close to the good teams and still lose a majority of the games against the bad teams. There is a good chance they are dead last in the whole league by the time December is over.

They need to make some changes. Patrick Kane must be traded. He is too good to be letting waste away like this. He has struggled to put up points while still playing well this season and it is mostly because he has no help around him.

If the team was to trade him, they would still be able to get a lot for him because of the fact that it is obvious that he will be so much better on a team that actually has a chance to win more games than they lose. The Blackhawks pretty much have no chance any night that they play.

The Chicago Blackhawks need to trade Patrick Kane as soon as they can.

Kane isn’t going to be great on a team that will lose eight out of nine games regularly. He deserves to have a chance at the playoffs and this team is a tier below non-playoff teams.

The New York Islanders would be a fantastic place for Kane to land. He’d get to live in New York and play on a team that has a chance to win. If a trade like that were to happen, it might look something like this: