Classless Packers players take jabs at Chicago Bears after the game

Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

It was a great game, until it wasn’t. The Chicago Bears carried a lead over the Green Bay Packers into the fourth and final quarter, but couldn’t keep it.

Stop me if you have heard this story before.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers came back and beat the Bears. The longtime Packers quarterback has only lost to the Bears five times in his storied career, making these losses seem routine and rather ho-hum in his mind.

After the game on Sunday afternoon, Rodgers was interviewed by Fox Sports’ Kristina Pink and had some snarky words for Bears fans, to no one’s surprise.

Of course, last year, fans will remember Rodgers beating the Bears at Soldier Field and his infamous “I still own you” moment. While some fans just let that quote be, others definitely felt the pain and resentment.

Regardless, Rodgers has spent years demoralizing Bears fans and he knows it. But, after this most recent defeat, Bears fans got to hear it from more than just Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t the only Packers player to take a shot at the Chicago Bears or their players.

Former Packers wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown made headlines in this one, for more than one reason. The first was a positive, as St. Brown made a nice catch on a 56-yard bomb from Justin Fields early in the game.

Covering St. Brown on the play was his former teammate and stud cornerback Jaire Alexander.

After the game, Alexander was asked about the play St. Brown made over him and this is what he had to say about his former teammate:

"“Nothing. Man, he a scrub. I can’t believe I let him catch that on me.”"

Now, late in the game, St. Brown did run the wrong route on a pass that was picked off. Fields said after the game that it was supposed to be a dig route, and St. Brown didn’t run it correctly.

While that’s fair, what isn’t exactly fair is for Alexander to come out and light up his former teammate like that.

I understand these guys are competitors and likely let each other have it verbally throughout the game. But, to come out and call a former teammate a “scrub” comes across classless and distasteful.

In the end, Bears fans can say and feel whatever and however they want about words like Rodgers’ and Alexanders’. But, until the Bears start beating the Packers, it won’t matter. It’s seemed like a lifetime of Rodgers beating up on the Bears and us fans simply having to deal with it, almost knowing no better.

For now, we can take solace in the fact that the future does indeed look bright behind Fields and what he’s been able to prove this year in his second season.