Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields roasts Uber Eats on Twitter

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Chicago Bears (Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports) /

All week long, the majority of Chicago Bears chatter on social media has been regarding the state of starting quarterback Justin Fields.

After missing last week due to a separated shoulder, the thought was that Fields very well could miss this coming week’s game as well — and it’s Green Bay Packers week.

There is no bigger game in the regular season than Packers week — a week that comes twice a year. Already, the Packers have beaten the Bears once this season. In a season that looks lost in terms of wins and losses, the Bears are simply hungry for a victory over their division rival.

Thursday night, though, Fields was hungry — really hungry. Why?

The man placed an order for Uber Eats and, apparently, they’re the ones who dropped the ball.

Justin Fields roasted Uber Eats on Twitter and got Chicago Bears nation all riled up.

The quarterback placed an order for food — nearly $100 worth — and somehow, along the way, the food was misdirected and dropped off at the wrong location.

From Fields’ tweet, we learned that not only did the food get dropped off at the wrong place, Uber Eats refused to give the man any credit for their mistake!

Imagine that — you’re in charge of delivering food to maybe the current most popular figure in the city of Chicago and you completely blow it. Not only that, but after making a mistake, you fail to make up for that mistake.

Fields jokingly tweeted he might starve, but I assume he found a backup plan.

Uber Eats, however, needs to have a backup plan for that driver who made the mistake of dropping his food off at the wrong location, as well as for the support representative(s) that failed to give Fields any semblance of an apology.

For now, let’s just hope that QB1 doesn’t go to bed hungry, rests up and indeed takes the field Sunday against that bitter rival, Green Bay.

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And, let’s hope he comes hungry for some cheese Sunday afternoon (That was too easy, too cheesy, and totally necessary).