3 Patrick Kane trade packages with the Boston Bruins

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Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Kane
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Adding an organization’s top prospect for Patrick Kane would really help.

The Chicago Blackhawks are really trying to get something good for Patrick Kane. There is no point in keeping him so they should take the best offer they can get from whatever team no matter who they are. A trade like this would certainly fit the bill.

As mentioned a couple of fo times already, the Chicago Blackhawks are probably going to get a first-round pick for Patrick Kane. Some teams might not want to part with that pick in case things go wrong for them but the Bruins believe it will be in the early 30s.

The truth is that if the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, Chicago’s second-round pick slot could be the very next pick following the Bruins’ first-round pick. That is a lot to consider when thinking about draft capital in a Patrick Kane trade. For Boston, it’s a no-brainer.

Mason Lohrei is a top defensive prospect and the Bruins’ number-one prospect on the back end. Fabian Lysell is their top prospect overall and should be a very good NHL player. Lohrei is 21 and Lysell is 19 so it might take a while for them to be fully ready but they’d help Chicago out.

We don’t know for a fact if the Hawks will trade Kane but it is a good idea right now. He deserves to play on a winning team and the Hawks need the assets for the future. The Hawks would be foolish to not even consider it with him on this expiring contract.

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