Chicago Bears lose Eddie Jackson to injury mid-game

Chicago Bears (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are playing against the New York Jets and the score keeps going back and forth. They are already down Justin Fields who did not dress on Sunday because of a shoulder injury. Trevor Siemian was in and out before the game but he eventually started.

Well, now the Bears are dealing with another tough injury. Eddie Jackson went down on a non-contact play for him. It was a play that led to a touchdown for the New York Jets and Eddie Jackson going down on the play is a big reason that the touchdown was allowed to happen.

If he never went down, he would have been there to slow down the New York receiver that ended up in the endzone. It was a really tough play for the Bears as they are trying to stay in this game despite being without their star quarterback. It is never easy.

The Bears’ defense is already in a tough spot. They are without all of the stars that they traded away within the last few months and now the injuries are starting to pile up. There is a chance that the Jets end up running away with the win.

The Chicago Bears are down Eddie Jackson as a result of an injury.

Jackson’s noncontact foot injury could also be a result of the conditions. It is raining hard right now in New Jersey and everything there is wet. The ball is slipping and sliding all over the place which is never easy to deal with.

This game doesn’t have much for Bears fans as they are without the biggest reason worth watching (Justin Fields) and they are just trying to avoid being embarrassed. Without Eddie Jackson, that is going to be very hard to do.

If Jackson is unable to return during half-time, he could very well be out for a while. With the way this Bears season is trending, it might be smart for him to just get back to full strength before he plays again.

If that means he misses the final six games, so be it. We can only hope that he is okay in the end. Non-contact injuries are never fun.

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