Chicago White Sox Rumors: Reports say these 2 pitchers might be traded

Chicago White Sox (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Chicago White Sox (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /
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Going into the 2022 MLB campaign, the Chicago White Sox had astronomical expectations from some fans.

Most of the baseball world expected the Sox to be a very, very good team. Yet, the team from the South side finished at an even .500 record, just 81-81. The Sox were still good for second place in the American League Central, but that wasn’t enough to appease fans with high expectations.

The Sox also had their fair share of storylines throughout the year. Tony La Russa was certainly a story for more than one reason. But, one of the biggest storylines of the past season was the injuries. Over the course of the season, the White Sox essentially averaged an injury every three games and moved a player to the IL about every five games.

Hopefully, health is on their side as they go into the 2023 campaign. In addition, the Sox could look a little differently if any of the recent trade rumors would come to fruition.

As the stove gets hotter during the MLB offseason, the Chicago White Sox could end up parting with a notable pitching name or two.

At the moment, the White Sox are supposedly spending a lot of time talking about how to reduce their payroll, according to James Fegan of The Athletic.

There is reason to believe the Sox could be just sending smoke signals with these types of rumors. After all, they currently have some of the best World Series odds for 2023, depending on which outlet you trust most. But, the majority have the Sox in their top five or seven.

Could the Sox be talking just to talk? Are fans about to be set up for an offseason with very little spending, hoping that the injury bug has finally died? That could also be true. But, never put anything past the MLB offseason. Things could get wild at any point in time.

As for the most recent rumors involving the Sox and their pitching staff, there are two notable names being passed around which could be dealt, and fans might not be thrilled. Let’s dig into those two names.