Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields should have the NFL quivering with fear

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

Justin Fields has been superb as of late, and it’s not just Chicago Bears fans ranting and raving about his breakout.

The national media is finally taking notice and doing a collective 180 on his future outlook. Fields has taken the league by storm over the past month, and although the Bears aren’t winning games, all is well in Chicago because of the quarterback.

Fields is giving Bears fans a legitimate reason to be excited about the future of this franchise. Finally, it appears that Chicago has the guy under center. After years of quarterback purgatory, Fields has come to the rescue.

He hasn’t just been good, though. He has been dynamic. He has been flat-out impressive; lethal, even.

With the way Justin Fields is developing, the rest of the league should be terrified of the Chicago Bears second-year pro going forward.

Again, Fields hasn’t only been good, he has been historically good.

Some of the accolades Fields has earned to this date:

  • Most rushing yards by a quarterback over a five-game span in the Super Bowl era
  • Only quarterback in the Super Bowl era with multiple rushing touchdowns of 60+ yards
  • Two longest touchdown runs by a quarterback in franchise history
  • Only player in NFL history to have two rushing touchdowns, two passing touchdowns and 100 rushing yards in a regular season game
  • Most carries beyond 20 MPH this season, so far, per Next Gen Stats
  • Leads the NFL in rushing yards by a quarterback (749)
  • Tied for the NFL lead in rushing touchdowns by a quarterback (6)

All of these numbers are astounding, and prove why Fields has been lethal as a runner.

However, here’s the number one reason why the rest of the league should be completely terrified of Fields going forward…

Fields is an excellent passer. In fact, he came into the league so good, as a passer, that he was the most accurately graded college quarterback in the history of Pro Football Focus’ grading system.

One of the best things that can be said about Fields, coming out of Ohio State, was that he had a higher CPOE (completion percentage over expected) than any other quarterback in the PFF era; higher than Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, Trevor Lawrence, Kyler Murray, Justin Herbert — higher than any of them.

Fields was so good at completing the difficult passes, in part, yes, because he was fortunate enough to have some phenomenal wide receivers. At the moment, Fields doesn’t even have the true alpha wideout in Chicago that he was used to having plenty of in college, and he’s continuing to make due with what he has.

At this stage, Fields is taking what defenses are giving him. Luke Getsy is calling more designed runs and option-type plays because that’s what the offense does best without having that DeAndre Hopkins or Justin Jefferson type of receiver on the outside.

But, notice that in recent games, Fields has actually gotten tight end Cole Kmet involved more and more. Kmet has become a go-to target for Fields, and is looking like he will finally pan out as that second-round stock type of guy the Bears were hoping he would.

If Fields has a lethal ground game, plus a go-to tight end and some decent wide receiver two types, he’s just missing the alpha wideout and some additional help up front.

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Should the Bears get him those things next offseason, the sky is the limit for Fields, and the rest of the league should be on notice.