3 Chicago Cubs blockbuster trades for Tyler Glasnow

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The Chicago Cubs are looking to make some big splashes during the 2022-23 off-season. There are plenty of rumors surrounding them when it comes to the free agent class which is exciting for fans.

This class of free agents has a lot to offer but there are always risks with paying players free agent salaries in the second halves of their careers.

If the Cubs want to add more depth to their roster via trades, that might be smart as well. There are plenty of good trade targets out there that are of the realistic variety.

The Tampa Bay Rays are a team that appears to be open for business and the Cubs can try to take advantage of that.

Tyler Glasnow would be a pitcher for the Cubs to target if the Rays put him on the block. It would take a lot to land him via a trade. If they were able to pull something off involving him, it might look something like this:

The Chicago Cubs would love to add a starting pitcher like Tyler Glasnow.

The Chicago Cubs are going to have to give up some good prospects if they want to make a trade like this. Glasnow has the potential to be one of the best pitchers in the game as he was right before he went down for Tommy John surgery.

Of course, Kevin Alcantara is the main return piece for the Rays here. He is the number three prospect in the Cubs organization right now as a 20-year-old outfielder. He has great potential to be a very good player in the league one day.

As for Hayden Wesneski and Caleb Killian, they are both pitchers that the Cubs received in big trades over the last two years that have great potential themselves. Both of them made their MLB debuts in 2022 with peaks and valleys. These are the types of prospects that the Rays love.