3 reasons why the Chicago Bears’ loss to Detroit was a positive

Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears are in the midst of their second 3-game losing streak of the season after falling to the Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon.

Dropping to 3-7 on the year, the Bears continue to stay relatively competitive but have simply found ways to lose in the end. Outside of the Dallas Cowboys game, the Bears haven’t been completely blown out in another game this year.

It has been a struggle for a team that, going into this year, did not have too many expectations placed on them to begin with. So, to an extent, this type of record was to be anticipated.

But, losing to the Lions in the fashion which they did in Week 10, was definitely debilitating. Possessing a two-score lead in the second half, only to see it evaporate within minutes, was a tough pill to swallow for the fans. Still, there is plenty of positive, here.

The Chicago Bears may have blown a lead to the lowly Detroit Lions, but there are some silver linings in this defeat.

Fans have a hard time looking at the big picture after a loss like this. After all, being up two scores and having all of the momentum felt pretty good, even if it came against the Lions. To see Detroit score two touchdowns in a matter of just a couple of minutes was hard to watch.

But, this isn’t a feeling fans are going to have to live with forever. Although it seems like the Bears have constantly put fans in a state of gloom, there are many reasons why looking forward to the future feels much more positive than it did in recent seasons.

This loss, in particular, held three major positives that fans should be keyed-in on. To begin with, let’s look ahead to the 2023 offseason and how this specific loss impacts Ryan Poles and his offseason plans — and directly impacts a division foe.