Looking at 3 realistic needs amidst Justin Fields’ breakout for the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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You might never find a more excited NFL fan base in regards to a 3-6 team than the 2022 Chicago Bears fan base right now.

Those words are somewhat hilarious both to write and read, yet they ring true. This season was never going to end with a playoff berth or more wins than losses. In-tune Bears fans knew that all along, and that’s O.K.

But, what fans wanted to know after everything was said and done, this year, was the answer to one question: Is Justin Fields the guy?

Over the past month, Fields has answered that question with a resounding “yes,” and the future suddenly looks exponentially brighter for this franchise under Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus. Thanks to Fields’ breakout, and a recent record-breaking performance, the Bears offense is now light years ahead of its defense — wait, what?

Justin Fields’ breakout has allowed Chicago Bears fans to look forward with a new perspective.

Before this season, and even just a few weeks ago, most Bears fans would have told you that the focus, next offseason, has to be surrounding Fields with more playmakers and protection. Now, while both can still be true, the cry of desperation doesn’t echo as far.

Fields has taken over, ascending to the number one fantasy football quarterback over the last month. Now, that’s not necessarily saying too much in the real world, but what it does prove is the fact that he’s completely taking over games.

Fields has proven he can be electrifying. He’s proven he can make plays on his own, but also by getting the ball to his open targets, regardless of their name or status.

This Bears offense is moving the chains, scoring points and looking like a completely different unit over the past month thanks to both Fields and offensive coordinator Luke Getsy working together to use the second-year pro’s strengths.

Now, as we look forward, maybe the Bears don’t have the exact same order of needs in 2023 as they did even a month ago.

With the way Fields has broken out and is currently ascending, where do the Bears’ needs lay? There are three major needs for this roster, and the order in which they’re addressed just might surprise you.